Advanced General Dentistry by Dr. Daniel Rizzo, DMD

Our resident dentist and his team are here to attend to your dental needs and concerns. We cater to all residents within Philadelphia, PA, including Roxborough, Manayunk, Wissahickon, East Falls, Lafayette Hill, Conshohocken, and Plymouth Meeting. Schedule an appointment with us today if you need any of our procedures!

Cosmetic Dentistry

Any dental work that aims to improve the appearance of your mouth, gums, teeth, and smile falls under cosmetic dentistry. The most common procedures under this service include inlays and onlays, veneers, composite bonding, implants, and whitening.


If you want to restore your oral function to normal following the loss of a tooth, prosthodontics is the right procedure for you. This service involves installing artificial replacement teeth in place of missing ones for both functional and aesthetic purposes.


Diagnosing, preventing, and correcting misaligned or malpositioned teeth fall under the scope of orthodontics. If you are dealing with irregularities in your pearly whites and want them addressed, this service is the best one to ask for.


The state of your gums and other supporting structures around your teeth contribute to your overall oral health. Any concerns with them, such as diagnosis of possible diseases and treatments, lies within the field of periodontics.

Dental Emergencies

Sometimes, we cannot avoid instances that can suddenly damage our teeth and other areas in our mouth. In this case, it’s best to immediately seek medical assistance from a dentist to ensure that the problems won’t worsen.

Pediatric Dentistry

Children and adolescents need to have their dental health checked and cared for by professionals to ensure that their teeth and gums develop well. Their needs are often different from adults, so it’s best to let a dentist who offers pediatric dentistry, such as Dr. Daniel Rizzo, DMD, attend to them.


Concerns with your dental pulp and tooth root, such as diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases, is addressed through endodontics. If you need a root canal procedure and other similar services, schedule an appointment with us today.


Adjusting your teeth alignment does not mean that you have to endure the problems involved in getting metal braces. Our clinic offers Invisalign if you prefer clear aligners to solve your crooked teeth woes.